Additional Holiday Allowance

Employees are entitled to additional leave dependent on length of service.  An additional days’ leave will accrue on three years’ service and thereafter every three years until a maximum of five additional days is accrued once 15 years’ service has been completed.  This will mean that in the 15th year the employee will be entitled to 30 days’ holiday.

  • 1 day at 3 years
  • 2 days at 6 years
  • 3 days at 9 years
  • 4 days at 12 years
  • 5 days at 15 years

JTL recognises that, on occasion, employees may require additional holiday therefore will permit the purchase of up to five additional days in each year, once the employee has accrued one years’ service.  The additional days can be booked via the employee self-service portal and payment will be deducted from salary.