Under EU regulations, employees using computers are entitled to have the cost of an eye test and basic spectacles paid by the employer. JTL has the assistance of a Corporate Eye Care Package which provides the best national coverage and the best benefits for all employees.

Employees are entitled, on a two-yearly basis, to a full eye test and a free pair of prescription glasses from a designated range with the supplier.

Requests should be made via the Company Intranet or the employee self-service portal.

Employees who require access to work areas that stipulate the wearing of safety glasses will be issued with an additional voucher for a free pair of prescription safety glasses. This is in addition to the standard prescription glasses – i.e. 2 pairs of prescription glasses.

No expenses will be paid for glasses obtained from opticians outside the current Corporate Package.

JTL must ensure that employees that drive for work are aware that they must meet the minimum legal eyesight standards. Where an employee is required to wear glasses or contact lenses as a condition of their fitness to drive the employee is responsible for ensuring that they wear them at all times when driving and the employee is responsible for ensuring that they have spare eyewear in their vehicle in case of need at all times.