The Fitness to Teach regulations are in place to ensure that Trainers have the necessary health and physical ability to teach and not to put children or young people at risk. The Education Act 2002 makes it clear that there are certain regulated activities performed in further education institutions that may only be carried out by those who satisfy certain conditions as to health and physical capacity. Fitness to teach is an extremely serious issue to the extent that the Secretary of State has the ability to prohibit an individual from working with a relevant employer, as well as the power to impose restrictions on their employment on health grounds.

JTL is also under a duty not to discriminate against people with a disability because of or for a reason connected to their disability — unless, in the latter, this treatment can be justified. This means that JTL will balance its duty to ensure that individuals are fit to teach and that JTL complies with disability discrimination legislation under the Equality Act 2010.   The regulations only apply to those in specific roles; those employees recruited to specific trainer roles will be advised of the current requirements when the job is offered.