JTL has, as is required by law, both Employers’ Liability and Public Liability insurance coverage. These cover all JTL’s office locations including those where an employee works from home. Any claim for financial loss made against JTL, whether resulting from injury or damage or not, should immediately be referred, via the appropriate Manager, to the Finance team together with full details of the claim.

No response to any such claim should be made by any employee without first consulting the Finance team.

Employees working from home should ensure that their premises and its contents are adequately insured, as these are not covered under JTL’s policy. It is recommended that JTL employees working from home or with JTL equipment in use in their home advise their own household and contents insurance company that a limited amount of office equipment, including computers, is held on the premises but that the equipment is covered by JTL’s insurance. This is to protect the employee’s position in the event of the ‘work activity’ leading to a claim under household insurance (e.g. someone breaking in to steal the computer).

Employees are also advised to keep their premises and access to that part of the building being used on JTL business in a respectable state of repair. This is to protect both JTL and the employee in the event of an accident leading to a visitor to those premises sustaining an injury.

All employees travelling on company business (excluding commuting) are covered for personal accident from the time of leaving the normal place of residence or occupation. This cover does not include ill health (e.g. stroke etc.) All claims should be referred to the finance team, through the appropriate Manager.

JTL also has Business Travel Insurance for employees travelling abroad on company business. This covers medical treatment and repatriation expenses, together with loss of baggage and personal effects. All employees travelling abroad on company business should advise the Financial team through their immediate Manager accordingly. The Financial team will then inform JTL’s Insurance company to this effect.

Any queries with regard to JTL’s insurance position should be directed to the Financial team.