All employees are required at all times to take appropriate care of any property that they may have to use in the course of their normal work. Equipment issued will be recorded on inventory. Users are required to complete an inventory at the appropriate review period.

Any loss or damage to JTL property should be reported immediately to the employee’s manager and to the relevant manager at Head Office.  Failure to take appropriate care of JTL property may result in disciplinary action being taken.

All JTL property must be returned in a good condition upon leaving employment.

JTL recognises that the provision of laptops, iPads and mobile telephones could raise issues over personal safety. Whilst it is expected that every care be taken of JTL property under normal circumstances, this should not be at the expense of the personal safety of the employee. Employees will not

be held responsible for the loss of equipment surrendered under threat of, or actual, violence.

When travelling:

  • It is not recommended that equipment be left in a car for any period. However, if
    there is no other safe option then it should be locked in the boot.
  • Never check-in a laptop or iPad as luggage at the airport, it should always be

If the hotel has a safe equipment should be left in there when not in use. Do not leave it in a drawer or on a desk in the hotel room.