No existing employee shall engage in any paid occupation nor enter into any business, whether on their own behalf or for another, without first obtaining written consent from the Director. 

Contravention of this rule is in breach of the Contract of Employment.

All new employees are asked to declare any paid occupation or outside business interests upon joining.  Failure by any employee to inform may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

Consent will not be unreasonably withheld unless:

  • The nature of the role and time commitment is such that it will have a regular
    adverse effect on the employee’s work at JTL;
  • the nature and/or the extent of the occupation is, in the opinion of the Director,
    prejudicial to, or has a derogatory impact on, the interests of JTL;
  • it is an extension of the employee’s work with JTL;
  • it makes use of information and materials arising from the employee’s work at
  • the activity is in competition with JTL;
  • it places the employee in a position where it would be necessary to reveal
    proprietary information about JTL;
  • the total hours worked will regularly breach the prevailing Working Time Directive

Failure to comply with this policy may amount to misconduct, and in some cases gross misconduct, and could lead to dismissal.