Employees shall be paid monthly, on or before the 15th of the month, with payment covering the whole of the current calendar month. As salary is paid by credit transfer, Human Resources Department must be informed of the name and address of the individual’s Bank/Building Society, its sort code number and the number of the account. Any changes to such Bank/Building Society details should be notified, using the employee self-service portal, as soon as they occur.

JTL operates a discretionary performance related pay scheme, which is subject to change, based on the performance of the company, the team, and the individual. It should be noted that performance related pay will only operate when the Company’s income has been sufficient to enable it to afford such payments.

Any increase in salary will not affect the other terms of the Contract of Employment.

JTL reserves the right to recover from an employee any over-payments of remuneration or other payments made to the employee by mistake or through misrepresentation.

On termination of employment, JTL may deduct from the final salary an amount equal to any sums that are owed to JTL.

In the event that for any reason an employee is suspended (e.g. on either health and safety grounds or pending the outcome of a disciplinary investigation and hearing), the suspension shall be on full basic pay.