In April 2010 JTL introduced a Group Personal Pension scheme (GPP) following its withdrawal from the ITB Pensions Scheme.  The GPP scheme is currently with Aviva Life and Pensions UK Limited. Details of the full rules of the scheme and the contribution level payable are available from the Human Resources Department and JTL reserves the right to stop paying contributions at any time, or to vary the rate of contribution in the future.

JTL’s contributions will cease on termination of employment.

JTL introduced a salary exchange facility to the GPP scheme in August 2011.

Salary Exchange is currently the most tax efficient way to make pension contributions and HMRC have named it “smart” pensions. The system is “smart” because it reduces the National Insurance (NI) payments that both the employee and JTL pay; JTL currently reinvests its NI saving in the employee’s pension pot.   Employees may elect to opt in or remain out of the salary exchange/Smart method of contribution.   Pension contributions are based upon basic annual salary. Where supplements are payable, the employee will be informed at the time, in writing by JTL, whether or not these are pensionable. 

Details and application forms are available from the Human Resources Department.

Prior to April 2010 JTL was a member of the ITB Pension Fund, details are available from