JTL is keen to encourage the personal development of its employees and wishes to support those employees who wish to gain relevant professional qualifications. JTL will therefore pay tuition fees for appropriate work-related academic courses, relevant to their current role and agreed career path within JTL, on the following basis:

● The employee must make a written request, including full costs, to their line
manager prior to the commencement of the course.
● Payment for the course must be made directly by JTL.
● Requests will be submitted to the Director for final sanction. It should not be
assumed that this will be granted automatically, and such decisions are at the
discretion of the company.
● The employee must provide regular documentary evidence of attendance, and
completion at a reasonable grade, to their line manager and the Employee
Development Manager.

Employees should ensure that they are able to devote the time required to complete the course of study given their personal family and work commitments. The cost of any external qualification represents a significant financial investment on behalf of the company, which is re-claimable in the event that the employee leaves JTL’s employment.

If the employee leaves JTL’s employment whilst currently studying for further qualifications (e.g. Open University course) up to 100% of the cost (as detailed below) would be reimbursable. The cost of this may be deducted from the employee’s final salary payment.

Repayment will become due and will be calculated from submission of notice. Repayment will be on the following basis: –

• Leave before the course is complete – 100% of the cost.
• Leave within three months of the end of the course – 100% of the cost.
• Leave after three months but within six months of the end of the course – 75% of
the cost.
• Leave after six months but within 12 months of the end of the course – 50% of

JTL will not reimburse the cost of course materials, books, travel expenses or any other expenses related to attending the course.

JTL reserves the right to seek reimbursement if the employee fails to complete the qualification or fails to achieve a satisfactory grade.