Reservists may be called out for permanent service in the event of a national emergency or war and for peace keeping and humanitarian operations. Membership of any of the Armed Forces Reserves (RNR, RMR, TA and RAuxAF) should be notified, in writing, on appointment to JTL.

JTL will comply with the requirements of The Reserve Forces (Safeguard of Employment) Act 1985 (SOE 85).

Employees who are members of any of the Armed Forces Reserves or Cadet Forces and who wish to attend an annual camp will normally be allowed to take a maximum of 10 days’ paid leave during any calendar year. Any leave that is required to attend a Reserve Training activity that is more than 10 days must be taken from the employee’s annual holiday entitlement. Whilst every effort will be made to release employees it should not be taken for granted that leave will automatically be sanctioned.
Employees must advise their Director of the dates as soon as possible so that any necessary arrangements can be made.

Those existing employees that wish to volunteer to hold ‘High Readiness Reservist status (HRR) must seek JTL’s prior written consent.

Special terms will apply if a Reservist receives a call-up notice. The Human Resources Manager and Line Manager should be informed as soon as a call-up notice is received.